Hello, 2005 Wood Mizer portable sawmill. Super Hydraulic 4 gpm. Cat 51 hp diesel with 1522 hours. Crank support kit installed. Serviced at PA Wood Mizer. 9/11/2017 Command Control with Accuset 2. 21' cutting length. 36' diameter logs. Hydraulic loader will lift 4400# 3 boxes of blades come with the mill. Wood Mizer manuals and covers for the engine and the counsel are included Extra parts are also included. New -AGM Battery , fuse block, Crank support kit, lube hose ,Wheel belts. Alignment completed at 1522 hours. Trailer lights are in good condition mill trailer brakes are in good condition. Engine Oil and filter changed at 1522 hours Training included with the mill purchase. Mill is in good condition. Was serviced at PA Wood Mizer Thanks for your interest in Wood Mizer Marty